About the Show

Are you the person your family counts on to get a great photo when you’re all together? They love it when you get a gorgeous portrait of the newly engaged couple or the squinty little newborn? Sounds like you are The Family Photographer.


The Family Photographer is a photography podcast for you if you love, really love, photography. You also love your cameras and see the beauty in great glass. But what you really love is process of making photos of your life - the people, the animals and the places you love most. 


On the podcast, I share conversations with photographers about their experience behind the camera - what they’ve learned, what they are still figuring out and why they are so passionate about making photos.

If you've run out of episodes to listen to, don't despair. Before this show was The Family Photographer, it was TWiP Family. There are 77 more interviews to enjoy.


About Me

I’ve been peering at my family through a viewfinder since I was fifteen. I loved photographing my many siblings as we were growing up, then my kindergarten students, and then my nieces and nephews. 


Even though I loved photography for years, a real passion for making photos awoke in me when I had my first child fifteen years ago. I bought a new film camera before her arrival. I wanted to photograph all the little details of her unbelievably marvelous being. And I did - thirty-six exposures at time. 


I now have five kids, a digital camera, hard drives full of images and not nearly enough prints. I love making photos of our daily life on a daily basis. On the podcast, I get to talk about all this with people who are as wild about family photography as I am.


My family lives in a little house on a dead end street in a lovely corner of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We have only one plant in the house, a Venus fly trap, and our porch usually looks like we’re getting ready to have a yard sale.