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Episode 2: David Duchemin: Being more Alive in the world through photography

World & humanitarian photographer, author, adventurer, and entrepreneur

Today’s guest is David DuChemin. You may be familiar with David and his work. If not, I’m happy to be the on to introduce you. David is a teacher, adventurer and author - some of his books are  - Within the Frame, The Soul of the Camera, The Visual Toolbox and A Beautiful Anarchy.  David sends out an newsletter every couple of weeks. I read one he wrote in response to a comment he got and I wrote him right back saying - I love what your saying here - do you want to talk about it with me on my podcast? That is where are conversation starts and i know your are going to enjoy it.

Find out more about David on his website and Instagram - where you can see some of the portraits he talked with me about.

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