3: Chris Orwig - Connecting with the People You Photograph

Father, Photographer, Author, Teacher

Today’s guest is Chris Orwig. Chris is a father, photographer, teacher, author and he’s just a very insightful, thoughtful person. I spoke to him for the podcast about two years ago and was excited to talk with him again. In this conversation, he talks when he began to feel disinterested in taking portraits, why that happened and how it feels now. Chris talks about looking outside the world of photography to someone who works with troubled horses helped him learn how to connect with the people he photographs. He is currently challenging himself with studio lighting which is something he’s never liked before. Over the past couple years, Chris made the switch from Canon cameras to Sony cameras. We talk about what he thought initially and how switching has been about more than just choosing a different system. Chris shares some great stories and insights in this conversation. I know you’ll love it.

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