Kristen Kale The Family Photographer Podcast

Episode 5: Kristen Kalp - LEtting Ourselves Be seen

Makes poems, paintings, podcasts, and books. Helps creative people share their work with the world and get paid for it.

Today’s show is a conversation with Kristen Kalp. Once upon a time, Kristen had a job photographing kids. These days, she’s a writer, teacher, poet, podcaster and business coach for creative people. We start our conversation talking about photos of herself that have helped her - how they were made and why they help her. Kristen also tells us about having her senior portrait taken which was not a helpful photo experience. Then our conversation moves to her work with creative people. She talks about what her clients, who are mostly women, struggle with and what she helps them see and do.

Find Kristen on Instagram. Listen to her podcast, That’s What She Said.

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