It's Halloween! Do you have your kids’ costumes ready? Me neither. But I am prepared to take great photos, thanks to my conversation with Rebecca Wyatt about capturing magic on Halloween. Rebecca Wyatt is a family photographer and mother of four. Over the years, she’s figured out how to make great photos while her kids enjoy Halloween.

On Halloween night, kids get in their costumes and the last thing they want to do is pose for a photo. They want to start the serious business of trick or treating. Rebecca says, don’t get in their way. Let them have fun. Instead, let them dress up a day or two before Halloween. They’re excited about their costume and will be happy to get into character. Take them outside in good light and get some portraits. You can even take them to a location – a firehouse for a fireman, or a cemetery for your ghost or skeleton.


When the night of Halloween comes, get a quick photo of your kids with their friends and them let them enjoy the night. Look for opportunities to capture their excitement. I sometimes get photos of neighbors reacting to my kids’ costumes. My kids also love proudly holding up their favorite candies.

We usually start trick or treating when it’s still light out, but before long it’s dark. Look for interesting lighting for your photos after dark. Rebecca suggests using flashlights and streetlights for interesting effects.

I love getting photos of the kids pouring out and sorting their candy. My kids spend some time trading candy and eating some before it’s time to brush their teeth and get to bed.

Rebecca Wyatt now has a breakout in the Click Photo School titled Real Life: Capturing Life's Moments as Only You Can.